Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love Birds

Today when we went shopping Old Navy was having a great sale. They had a two piece pajama set for $4.50. I bought her two packs. This one has love birds all over it.

Rylee tries so hard to get something that is right in front of her. Pretty soon she is just going to start crawling towards it.

Lets Swim!

Ready For The Sun :)

Today Mom, Rylee, and me went shopping in Louisville. We were there almost all day and got tons of stuff, that we really didn't need! I bought Rylee her new bathing suit for vacation this year. It came with a hat and sandals. It is so cute! We are tired of all this snow and want some warm sunshine soon! We played dress up after we got home...

At the mall trying on our new hat! Super cute.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just Playing Around

Hungry Girl

Rylee loves her mixed vegtables. She loves to take the spoon too and smear in her dinner :)

Growing Up

Rylee is sitting up now and it's so funny to watch. She can sit fine until she reaches for her toy or tries to look up at you, then she falls over. But she is ready to get back up and try again.

This picture is of Brenda, Caydon, Kelsey, and Rylee. Brenda is Caydon and Kelsey's grandmother.

Rylee's Friends

This is Caydon, Rylee's new friend. We went to a party on Sunday and Caydon loved taking pictures of her and Rylee and everyone else. She was too quick with the camera though and most of the pictures were of her feet!
This is Rylee, Molly, and Glenn at the party.
This picture makes me laugh so hard! They look so grown up laying next to each other. I love it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines

I know that I am a day late but, Happy Valentines Day from Rylee! Her Aunt Janet got her the super cute outfit she is wearing! Rylee had a great Valentines day, she went to Lexington and had dinner and surprised her cousin Amanda. It was a good first Valentines for her!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet Girl

Rylee is so much fun and so sweet! I just can't help but to love all over her!

Daddy's Eyes

Rylee has Aaron's big blue eyes and they are gorgeous! Certain things she wears brings out the blue and makes them pop out. It seems that everyone that sees her compliments on her eyes and how blue they are. I think that she is going to keep her blue eyes, well I hope so!