Saturday, August 29, 2009


Rylee wore her new nightgown she got from Mawma. She was so cute in it walking around everywhere!
Rylee has no realized how to press the button on my phone to make it light up, then she "talks" on the phone. She is so funny how she walks around with the phone close to her ear and just jabbers away.

Rylee playing her never ending toys.
I just thought I would share some videos of Rylee. One is her "sharing" my phone with Bella and me. And the other one is just her being her normal self and dancing! Enjoy!

Rylee's Party

Sorry I haven't put up picturs sooner but I have been busy lately at work and then trying to organize Rylee's new's been a hectic week! For some reason my pictures of us opening presents will not upload so I had to skip those. But here is a picture of the cakes before we cut them. I loved the cakes, they were fantastic! Thank you Amy!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday we had Rylee's first birthday party and it was a blast! We had a lot of people to show up and hang out outside and enjoy the weather. Rylee was so excited and stayed busy all day. She couldn't get enough of the attention! Rylee loved getting into her cake, she needed a little help at first though!

After the cake Rylee and Abby decided that they wanted to go swimming. Abby is too cute!! She kept saying "I get you wet" to her mom and that she did! She took sand buckets and filled them with water and splashed Andrea. It was so funny! I'm glad they had fun!

Lauryn joined in the fun too and got wet.
This is my great grandma, Rylee's great great grandma. She will be 95 in October! I was so glad that she could come to Rylee's first birthday party and help us celebrate. I love her so much!
This is all that was left of the cake!!

After we cleaned up and got all the gifts home and taken out of bags, this how many toys she got...
And this is my couch filled with clothes, books, cards, and CDs. Thank you everyone that helped us celebrate Rylee's birthday!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

For breakfast Rylee had two pieces of toast with jelly. Messy eater.

Kind of big purse don't ya think?

Today I was cleaning Rylee's room AKA my old room and she was "helping" me. Well I looked over and she had some how wrapped her arm in her hamper and was walking around like that. It looked like her purse!
I'm not sure why but she was trying to see what was in her Bumbo seat, (there was nothing there).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Birthday Girl

These are Rylee's pictures from Portrait Innovations.

My Favorite :)