Friday, January 30, 2009

Monkey see...Monkey do. Rocco followed Bella around the whole backyard. He was just so happy to have someone to play with, he couldn't leave her alone!

Snow Dog

Bella had so much fun out in the snow! She ran so fast through it and sliding around. She was not hard to find though. She was the only black speck in the white wonderland. I know she was freezing but she ran and ran her little heart out!

We bundled Bella up in a scarf to keep her warm. For giggles we put Aaron's glasses on her. She looked like a smart little doggie! She didn't like the glasses that much but she did like the scarf. Anything to keep her warm.

{Baby It's Cold Outside}

This is a picture of the feild beside my apartment. I took this today, Friday the 30th. The sun was starting to melt most of the ice off the trees but it was still on there thick. I took these pictures on Wednesday morning. We took Bella outside and it was snowing so bad, it was like a blizzard. When we walked onto the grass, you could hear the ice cracking beneath our feet. It was kind of scary with the wind blowing and snow whirling around. It was really pretty though and I wanted to make sure I got plenty of pictures of this big snow storm!

Splish Splash!

She is going to be a water baby, I can already tell! She gets so excited in the water and loves to splash around and kick the water up into her face. I have to be careful because sometimes I get a bath too!

Gumball Cheeks

Rylee's little cheeks have gotten so chunky lately. I love when she looks up at me and all you can see is those gumball cheeks! It is so adorable!
This is my favorite picture of her cute little cheeks! She is smiling so hard in this picture. We were playing peek-a-boo with her towel.

Lauryn and Rylee

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Carrot Head

Rylee's first time eating baby food. She tried carrots and loved them! She, of course had it everywhere, including all over me! She had an orange nose the next day but it was so cute! She loved eating baby food but all she has had so far is carrots. I'm a little nervous about how she will react to other foods like peas or beans. I will post more pictures as she tries new foods and the cuteness continues!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rocco and Bella

Rocco is my parent's dog and he is a black lab. He is about seven months old and weighs 70 pounds. He is an outdoor dog for now, but comes inside to get his treats everynight. Last night when I stopped my their house, Rocco was inside. I had to video how big and super cute he is, that is until he tried to eat my camera. He is a very sweet dog. He is Bella's boyfriend and they love each other.

If you say "Potty", "Outside", or "Bye Bye" to Bella she goes nuts! With little effort you can have Bella howling like a wolf at a full moon! Last night I was telling her that I was going to take her "outside" to "potty" and that really got her going. I know my neighbors think we're crazy but I love making her howl, it is too funny!

Whenever Rylee sees a camera she gets so excited. She starts kicking her feet really hard and swinging her arms around, it is really funny! She'll start talking and saying whoo whoo whooo, I love it!!!

So I was recording her while she was laying in bed, and she took my camera. I let her do it because I knew what she was going to do with it. She kept looking at the camera, then at me, then the camera, then... she ate it! I knew it was coming but the way she went about it was almost like she planned it!

Rylee With The Camera

Aunt Su-Su :)

This is Rylee's aunt Susan. She fussed at me because there was not one picture of her and Rylee on here. But I had pictures of her whole family with Rylee. I took this picture at the East vs. West game Monday night. Daniel, her son, plays basketball for West (which is best!). Rylee just loves her "Su-Su" and uncle Darryl. And I might add that they are fantastic babysitters :)

Tummy Time

UK Baby

This is my new favorite picture of Rylee! According to my dad, she was born bleeding BLUE!! She is teething so you can see all the drool that is on her clothes. It's hard for me to get on here everyday and put up new pictures so when I do, I upload a lot! Sorry for the burst of pictures and videos!

This is my dad with Rylee. My mom bought him a new picture frame that says "Grandpa and Me" and he is so excited! He can put this picture of Rylee and him in their UK clothes in that frame! He adores her so much, it's sweet!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Toys!

Rylee's new jump-a-roo she got from Molly for Christmas. She isn't long enough for it yet so we have to put a pillow under feet but she loves the lights and toys all around her. She is so funny to watch while she swivels around and laughs at her self. I love it!
She looks so grown up in these pictures! Her Gran got her that sweater for Christmas and her Aunt Janet got her a Bumbo seat. These pictures are super cute but she looks bald, don't get me wrong, she doesn't have much hair but what she does have, you can't see!