Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Other Little Girl--Bella

We got Bella last April and she was seven weeks old. She is a Border Collie and Moutain Cur mix. She is a sweet dog but sometimes very hyper! She'll get so excited to see you that she'll jump on top of your head! She is good with Rylee too, which I thought she would be. Bella with Aaron and me
On Halloween we dressed Bella up as a ladybug, but the suit didn't fit. The antennas stayed on her head, until she figured out how to get them off! Needless to say, she did not like the costume and I was very lucky to have her sit still long enough to snap this picture. As you can tell Rylee is confused as to why Bella looks so goofy!
Bella the ladybug on Halloween
Bella stole a Tootsie Roll pop, but that is nothing new. Bella is always coming to us with some kind of surprise. Sometimes it's food and sometimes it's Rylee's diapers. You never know with her, she is too cute.

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