Friday, November 20, 2009

Updated Apartment Pictures

Ok we're still not finished but here are some pictures after we got furniture in there and things sort of straight... The fabulous kitchen that I love so much!

This is our living room and we have put the table in there too, it actually fits nicely and looks good.

The bathroom is so cool.
Rylee's room is my favorite because it is so big and she has so much room to play and have fun.

Do you think Rylee has enough clothes? :)

This is our bedroom, still a little messy but it's a working progress!
I love the front door in there.

It was dark when I took this but this is our front porch, it's pretty good size too!
Rylee was checking out the front door and everthing outside.
The basement.

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  1. The place looks great! Glad I got to see it yesterday.