Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just For The Joy Of It Thursday

This is my first time participating in this but it sounds like fun!

Just for the joy of it, I turn on Barney everynight so I can watch Rylee dance around and attempt to sing the "I love you" song. She has learned to clap her hands with the "If you're happy and you know it..." song and stomp her feet too!

Just for the joy of it, I will turn my Christmas tree on when it gets dark outside and drive around the block just so I can see it sparkle from the front door! Nerdy I know but I love where I live now and that everyone can see my Charlie Brown tree!

Just for the joy of it, I am attending college again next semester. I actually love going to college. Not that I'm not busy enough as it is but school is just fun to me. I love knowing that I'm getting closer and closer to graduating and better my family's future. I took off one semester because I was overwhelmed and took on too much but now I'm ready!!

What do you do Just For The Joy Of It? Check it out at Good, True, and Beautiful.


  1. I desperately wish I could back to college next semester, just for the joy of it! I love school, but I've got four little loves at home (and one big one), so I'm staying put for now.

    I love the dancing stage! Hopefully, she won't outgrow it too soon. Enjoy it while it lasts...

    Visited from Good, True and Beautiful.

  2. WONDERFUL! Isn't it amazing how much the "little things" can bring such JOY?

    (and i don't think it's nerdy to drive around the block to look at your tree... I think that's cool. I'm going to do the same thing!)

    best of luck with classes! And Merry Christmas!

  3. That's so great that you're going back to school! I have a few classes to complete before I have my Psychology degree. I've taken a few semesters off since having Gracie. I cannot wait to go back and finally finish! I'm sure Rylee is just adorable dancing to Barney! :) I love watching Gracie dance, too.

  4. Thank you guys!! Dancing babies always make me smile!! School is going to be tough next semester but I'm sooo ready for it!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Amazing how many times it's the little things that make the big memories... Thanks for sharing!

    (BTW, I'm visiting from "Good, True & Beautiful" -- this was my second time participating. It's a blessing to read about others' JOYS!)