Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wordful Wednesday! The Rest Of My Decade...

And so I continue my Wordful Wednesday!! The rest of the 10 years!
Go ahead and join!!

March of 2007 Aaron moved back to Missouri with his family but we stayed together. It was a tough move and the distance made it hard but we made sure to visit each other a lot. September of 2007 Aaron moved back to Kentucky and we got a loft apartment on Main Street . It was pretty cool except it didn’t heat well and we didn’t have A/C, which will be a big deal later…

January 7, 2008 I found out I was pregnant. Scared to death. But we managed and were supported and I continued going to school and working 2 jobs. So in those 9 months I got sick a lot, couldn’t eat much, almost went into labor at 6 months, was on pills every 4 hours to stop contractions, hospitalized twice for labor pains, just a mess of things.

On Monday morning August 18, 2008 the baby was ready. I was 36 weeks and like 2 days so I wasn’t ready. I woke up Aaron at 5:00 AM after having major contractions all night and we headed to the hospital. Word of advice to guys, if your pregnant significant other says she’s in labor and looks like she’s in obvious pain, don’t ask her on the way to the hospital if you all really need to go. Aaron learned that the hard way. Anyway, after waiting on the baby for 9 hours and several other things in between like: almost passing out during the epidural, my blood pressure dropping, eating too many ice chips and getting sick, and taking a nap, Rylee Grace was born. 6 lbs 7 oz, 19 ¾ in long and a cone head full of hair, which she lost.

So starts the next chapter of my life. Motherhood. Pretty much the same as everyone with a newborn, sleepless nights, crankiness, mood swings, never wanting to go back to work, crying the first day I dropped off Rylee at daycare, wait isn’t motherhood supposed to all laughs and giggles??

So that year ended and 09 began. And what a year it has been! Rylee hit a couple of milestones and I was excited and stuff like that. July 2009 I got into a car wreck 5 days before vacation. I got rear ended by a lady who was turned around talking to her daughter instead of watching the road. Totaled my Malibu , you know the car I LOVED! Not to mention Rylee was in the car with me. Scared me to death but we were ok. We went on vacation and enjoyed our selves.
August 18, 2009 Rylee turned one, sad day and touchy subject. Just know she turned one, we had cake and ice cream, I cried, we went to Gattyland to celebrate, I cried, she got a load of toys and clothes, and I cried. End of story.

In September 2009 I got a new car, a 2007 Ford Focus, pretty good car! So from July to October I locked my keys in my car twice, had two flat tires, two wrecks, and I think that’s it. Yeah I got hit by some teenage boy pulling out of a Sonic a month after I got my new car. I was pretty ticked. Just got my car back from the body shop, 2 weeks to fix it. Whatever.

So here we are, about to approach 2010. I hope I didn’t bore you to death with my lame life. But I think a lot has happened in 10 years and I’m proud of it all. 10 years flies by and I don’t like it.

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  1. I don't like that 10 years flies by either. So sad. But like you said you have ALOT to be proud of. Thanks for sharing ;) See you tonight!