Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Thought...


This is my first link up with Random Tuesday Thought but not my first random thought, that is for sure!

I was just thinking about this this morning, randomly of course.

I'm a LOST fanatic, many know that. But I'm confused as to why the promo has Charlie in it when he died in like the 2nd season?!?!? I REALLY hope he comes back because I developed a little crush on that English cutie, then they cut him out! Come home Charlie!

Also, I've been wondering if it's too cold to grill out? I bought Aaron a grill for Christmas and we're just itching to use it. I mean he is, not me. NO WAY am I going to stand outside in 12 degree weather to cook some steaks. Shut that is what the George Forman and Griddle is for. I just wonder if my neighbors would think we're total idiots for grilling tonight?

I've got plenty of random thoughts, but I'll stop. What are you thinking about randomly??
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  1. haha. the grilling is cracking me up. Not sure if they would think if you were idiots or not, but I know that Justin and I grilled outside on Saturday while it was snowing... HAHAHA!

  2. I was thinking about grilling too. It probably is too cold where I live.

    Have a great Random Tuesday.

  3. Ooh, the random. Doesn't it feel great? I've been going random every Tuesday since it started. It's a good thing.

  4. OH I love LOST too! Charlie was by far my favorite. I love him and Claire together. I cried a lot when he died! We just got the dvd's of last season and now I can't wait for this one to start. But it sucks its the last season. What will we do without LOST?