Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

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Dang, it's Tuesday already. It was just like yesterday I did Random Tuesday Thoughts.

Well anyway I'm wondering why you take Zyrtec at night around 8:00 pm & in the morning you can hardly hold you eyes open to wash your hair in the shower? I thought this was non-drowsy. Yeah well I'm pretty drowsy today. But I must say, I can breathe and don't have the annoying sinus headache! Now if I could get the lady beside me to stop wearing that explosion melon perfume, my head would feel great everyday!!

Not only is today Random Tuesday Thoughts, but it is also my favorite t.v. shows day!! OK here is the lineup:
8:00: The office for 3 WHOLE hours on TBS. Which I watch every Tuesday because I can not get enough of some Micheal and Dwight!
8:00: American Idol. So that means in between commercials I have to watch both. I usually do not get into American Idol but it's the beginning and I like to see the fools come out who think they can sing. PLUS Ellen is going to be a judge and I love her so I want to see how funny she is going to be.
10:00: Bad Girls Club. Good ole drama filled, wanna-be bad girls, with a lot of money to spend in L.A. But hey I'm addicted!! Hopefully I can make it through the whole episode but I doubt it because I'm going to take Zyrtec again tonight. ZZZZZZZ
Crap, what am I going to do when LOST comes on. I need a DVR.
Good thing we have On Demand.

Oh and I think my house is haunted.


  1. Sinus headache! That stinks!
    I want to hear more about the haunted house!

    Have a great day!

  2. The fact that Zyrtec does that to is kind of funny. My husband has no reaction but my son does. When my son takes it is knocks him out, kills the allergies but makes him sleep.

    And BTW, you can't end a post like that...no fair.

  3. Haunted House??? I can't wait for the bad auditions tonight, it's my favorite part. I love the fact that Chuck started up again last night!

  4. Instead of a DVR, I'd like to have something that could give me more time.