Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

Hey buddies!!
I hope you're all having a great week so far! I know I am. Yesterday I was stuck at home because we had snow and ice come in over night so NO school or work WOO HOO!! I finally got video uploaded tonight and some pictures too!
I was pretty excited to go back to school but dang I didn't think it would take almost all of my time! I miss blogging, it's sad (boo hoo). But I am going to try and keep up and be around more! Hope you guys enjoy Rylee's lastest stomping dance, her new one man band, and her "prettttty" pictures.
Join in over at Seven Clown Circus! I'd love to read about your Wordful Wednesdays!!

Have a great day guys!!

Rylee loves her some "SNNACCKKSS!!"

The new Stomping Dance!

New stomping dance!!

One Girl Band


  1. how do you post the videos? I tried the other day by just lcicking the "post video" as you would to post a picture....but after waiting 30 minutes and it still uplodaing (and the video was only 1 minute long) I gave up.

    Isee they are by youtube so are you using html or something? I put them up on vimeo but i dont know how to post them so they show up like yours do, right on my oppoed to just posting a link to vimeo. Or like i said, trying to use that ass a video bottum which seems useless

  2. the best part of the stomping dance is the grunts and groans like it takes all she can gather just to lift the foot. I love watching everything you post with her. I never had the little girl and love the headband. I miss little babies, don't want one again, but miss them just the same.