Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday :)

So this weekend was a good one, I found my phone charger!! My friend has come back to me. All along I thought that Rylee misplaced it and I would never see that thing again. But really it was ME who misplaced it. One night at my parent's house we were playing Wii and I had the nunchucks out to play a game. Well instead of putting those stupid things up I put my charger up. Totally didn't even realize. I mean come now. I felt so dumb when I found but I was too overwhelmed with joy to show it! I've missed you buddy and so has Natasha. Glad you're home.

Ok so pretty soon, like the in the next two weeks, I'm getting a new camera! Woot woot!! Which is good because I have "misplaced" my old camera. Yeah, don't ever let me babysit your children, I may misplace them too! HAHA just kidding, I haven't lost Rylee (yet). So check out this bad boy...
Canon Rebel
MMM you're purty.

Tomorrow night is going spank-tack-u-lus (really?) Anyway, LOST starts!!
MMM I've missed you Sawyer. I saw you on that cologne commercial, I know you've missed me, your number one fan.
Yesterday was awesome. I spent all day with Rylee and we played and sang songs. I visited my best friend and her husband. He recently had brain surgery so my mom mad them baked spaghetti and we took it to them. I got left overs, YEAH YEAH!! Momma's cooking is so good!
Anyway, this was Rylee Sunday morning. Ready for her nap and just chillin'!
And this was my baby doll Sunday night, totally ready for bed. It was 7:00. Love my Rylee Grace!
Have a great Monday and great week!!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I am so happy for you about your new camera. I heard those are amazing!!!

  2. I have a Canon Digital Rebel and love it! I think you'll love it, too! Plus, you have a great little "subject" to practice on!

  3. Following you from FFF on MBC!

  4. You will have a lot of fun with your camera! That is way exciting... Riley is such a doll laying on her little princess couch.

  5. Hi!! Yay for the camera!! Your blog is great :) I love the background!

    I'm now following from MBC...if you could take a few seconds to check my blog out too, that'd be great!

  6. I'm totally distracted by your new camera! Almost drooling even!