Saturday, February 20, 2010

Late Valentines Pictures....

Yeah I'm late posting these, sorry! But hey I'm doing it now! Valentines Day was a great one for us! Rylee got gifts and she loved them! Check it out...
Rylee got a T.V. to put in her room to watch Barney. So I went out and bought a new stand to put it on. As you can see from the pictures m dad had braces on his arms because his arthritis was so bad that day that his hands were swollen. He tried to help put together the stand but Rylee took over!!
Then it was time to dig into gifts!
Rylee got a new Barney, a "DOORRII" and a baby doll.
That's right she is Mommy's Lil Cutie
Check out this hair...


  1. Those are too stinkin cute. She is adorable. Love that she was putting together the tv stand. The bathtub pictures are precious. Sometimes Lil Bits has so many toys in the bathtub I wonder how there's room for her. That was a Barbie, wasn't it?

  2. Those are absolutely awesome!!
    Soooo cute. ;)

  3. I love this post. Rylee is such a good helper.

  4. Too cute!
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    following from mbc :)

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