Saturday, April 10, 2010

My First Time...

Seeing a stand-up comedian. Tonight Aaron and I are joining a couple of friends and going to see Zach Galifianakis. Who is that??? Well he is Allen from The Hangover, What Happens In Vegas, & a couple other films. He is HIL-A-RIOUS! So we will be heading to Lexington tonight to take in some laughs!
Might I also add that I am sitting in my bed blogging, that's right. Internet has been set up at my house and I'm already in love. Why in the world did I wait so long?!?! Be expecting a blog post from me everyday from now on!!
My baby Rylee is finally better also. This morning her temperature was 98.4. First day she hasn't had a fever since Tuesday. She had a nasty virus, scared me to death. Wednesday night her fever got to 104. We're just happy she's back to normal, the normal being the sassy attitude, the flinging of toys, the tears, and of course the screaming of "MOOMMMMYYY" & "DADDDDDDY" all day. I wouldn't change a thing!
And I am a couple of days late but Happy 2nd Birthday Bella!! You are growing so fast. You went from this little cutie pie....
To being the trash eating, toy chewing, snoring when you sleep, bed hog ANGEL you are now...
Love you Bella!!
Well I've got a messy house to clean before tonight. Have a great Saturday!!

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  1. Have a great time tonight.

    So glad you have the internet now :))

    We both won't be getting anything done but blogging. LOL