Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Lauryn!

Today is Lauryn's 2nd birthday! Wow. I remember the day she was born and visiting her and Danielle in the hospital.
We had a wonderful time at her birthday party on Saturday, enjoy some pictures!
Lauryn's new kicks :)
An update on my great grandma; she is doing well since the passing of her husband. Everyday is new for her but she is adapting well. She is such a strong person to have lasted in this family this long. She has seen a lot of things and her spirits still remain high, I admire the heck out of her.


  1. She is an awesome lady !!!

    Love all the pics. You know I am going to have to steal some. :) Thanks for posting them.

  2. Happy Birthday to Lauryn!!!! My son had an Elmo party for his second birthday, too. And you can never introduce a girl to Converse too young. I still live in mine!

    My best to your great grandma. She's fortunate during these times to be surrounded by loving family like you.