Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wordful Wednesday-Yeah We're Flooded

So lucky me, I was in the path of that big storm that came sweeping across Kentucky and Tennessee. We got TONS of rain ALL weekend. The Kentucky Derby ran on Saturday, yeah it was nasty and muddy. I didn't have my camera at work with me but I did have the handy dandy iPhone. So I got some pictures of the water as it started rising. Our parking lot is pretty much all the way flooded, but we weren't sent home. (Not cool).
This is Kentucky River, yesterday around 12:30.
And this was my parking lot this morning. That is my white car on the right. Around 1:00 the water was covering where my car was and still rising. We had to evacuate the parking lot and park in another parking lot. I walked more today at work than I ever have!
That over there is Buffalo Trace Distillery and the back parking lot to another building by mine. My agency has three two buidings and this one was pretty close to being under water.
Remember that ramp from the first picture?? It's gone.
Remember that cute little bench from the second photo? It's gone. So all this happened within about 24 hours. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow; not.


  1. Oh no! That is a lot of water! I hope things improve soon!

  2. oh my! I thought our water problems were bad. Ick!