Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Part 1

On Christmas Eve Eve Danielle and family came over to hang out and enjoy Christmas together. It was such a fun night, which it always is when we get together! My great grandmother came too! Rylee and Lauryn sported their Christmas p.j.'s.

Rylee and Lauryn couldn't decide who could get up fast enough! They're so cute!

Then for some reason they decided they wanted to get into Rylee's crib and dance to Barney.

I LOVE this picture! It pretty much explains my whole family! I'm not sure what Stephanie is doing, maybe getting everyone ready for the picture?!?! But yeah, this is us!!

Great grandkids and great great grandkids with Mawma!! We're so lucky to have her! You may remember earlier in October we celebrated her 95th birthday!

Lauryn got pretty hot during the picture taking and gift opening that she needed to take her p.j.'s off!! Rylee looks super excited about Lauryn's Barney DVD she got for Christmas.

This is a great picture of Angie!!

Lookin' good at 95!

Molly & I always have to have a photo shoot when a camera is around! :)

Normal picture...

Silly picture!

What a beautiful family!

Aaron came after he got off work to finish up the soups!! We were complete with us all together!! Love you guys!


  1. Such good pictures. She does look amazing at 95. Love you all.

  2. Wow, 95! that is awesome. Great family get together!

  3. She is amazing to be 95! I love her!