Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Part 2

Every Christmas Eve my dad's side of the family gathers at my aunt and uncle's house and we eat a GOOD meal and exchange gifts! This year was so much fun because Rylee was actually up and moving around and able to really enjoy her gifts!! I love my family, they're so much fun!!

Aunt Susan and Aaron being cheesy :)

My mom and Manda Jane. Of course Susan being goofy in the background!

Ci-Ci & Aunt Su-Su

Aunt Janet playing with Aubry and Rylee. Rylee loved Aubry's toys more than her own!

My boo :)

Rylee playing with my safety candle I got. It's a light bulb not a real wick and it plays music, right up Rylee's alley!

Rylee's new Princess couch!! Mommy loves it too!

"Dan The Man" and me
After we left Susan & Darryl's we went home and waited for Santa to come visit! Santa was good this year!!

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  1. Rylee and Lauryn need a play date with their matching couches. too cute.