Saturday, December 12, 2009

If My Walls Could Talk

I just thought I would do something silly but maybe funny?!? I was just thinking if my walls could talk what would they say??

Probably, lay off the Barney, seriously. I mean one or two times of playing it before 9 AM is ok but 5 times, really??!? We all know Barney loves you.

Maybe they would say, Bella chill out. I get the constant wimpering and jumping almost to my ceiling. Courtney & Aaron know you need to go out, they will take you. Oh and also, lay off the treats, they give you bad gas.

They almost positively say Rylee please do not try to scratch up my paint with bobby pins anymore. These walls are old and have seen a lot but a 1 year old that steals bobby pins while mommy is not looking is not good, no matter what!

And lastley they MIGHT say, Courtney you can not sing so please STOP!!! Rylee only laughs when you sing because you are singing Barney songs.

Thank you,
Your Walls

Random Saturday :)


  1. oh, they would be yelling about the barney thing. My walls would scream for mercy.

  2. oh sweet goodness lady!! i don't think i'd want to know what my walls would say if they could talk!!! but i'm so with you on the doggy gas! my boxers could knock out an army with their funk...what do they make those dog treats out of??? geez! adorable blog, btw....your little miss rylee is too cute!