Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Collection...

So I have several pictures that are pretty random so I'll just show them all. Rylee is my little strawberry.

Saturday night Rylee had a girls night! Andrea and my uncle came over and brought Abigail and Haiydon. They all wanted to get into Rylee's bed and "go to bed". They had so much fun and ran and ran and ran some more! Rylee loves other kids, it was cute!!

Rylee's new favorite food: Grilled Cheese :)


  1. She is almost to cute for words! I love the strawberry outfit.

  2. Thank you! That is my favorite pajamas she has! What is your blog web address because my phone won't bring it up?!

  3. MmMm Grilled Cheese. I bet she does like that "NACKKK" :) Have a good day

  4. Little Dude started with grilled cheese at 9 months old the local Greek restaurant made it for him. He now at 5 still loves them!

  5. BTW, thanks for the follow, I am following back!