Monday, December 21, 2009

I've Got A Story To Tell You...

OK. Let me start off my saying that a couple of weeks ago I went downstairs to check on my laundry and left Rylee upstairs alone. I figured she would be fine and I was just going to be a couple of minutes. So as I'm climbing the stairs I hear Rylee at the door. As I turn the door knob to open the door, it doesn't budge. She had locked me downstairs, I flipped. Luckily my neighbor was home and I was able to use his phone to call Aaron who was at work. He came home and let me in. I have learned my lesson and I DO NOT let Rylee run around alone when I need to go downstairs.

With that being said, my story begins...
Saturday morning I went downstairs to do more laundry, I'm always doing laundry, and Aaron was upstairs with Rylee. Well I hear the basement door open and here comes Aaron alone down the steps. I asked where Rylee was and he said in the hallway playing, no big deal. So I put down my laundry basket and run up the stairs because I know what this child will do. In a matter of about 2 1/2 minutes Rylee has locked us both downstairs. So here Aaron and I stand at the door trying to get Rylee to unlock it and let us in. But no, that did not happen. So Aaron and I are just in our socks and no coats. Luckily we have a door downstairs that leads outside so we go out there and to the back door to see if MAYBE we left it unlocked. Let me tell you, snow is very cold when you have no shoes on and it makes your socks so cold you can't feel your toes. After tip toeing to the back door we realize it's locked. Here is the funny part. Rylee and Bella are having a feild day in my trash in my kitchen. I had just thrown away confetti type gift wrap and Rylee pulled all of it out of the trash and on to the floor. Along with that she pulled out old food which Bella thought was her treats. Aaron and I are outside yelling for Rylee to come to the door and she is just looking at us like "yeah right". My neighbors weren't home and even if we could get to a phone we don't know our landlords number my heart.
20 minutes later and after my toes turned purple, we go back to the basement door and brainstorm. THEN genius Aaron realizes he left his keys in his coat pocket last night after her ran out to get our movie. AND I had just hung his coat up in the basement because it was in my way. He pulled those keys out of his pocket and I almost fell to the ground. I wanted to be REALLY mad at him for 1. leaving her upstairs alone & 2. making us run around in the snow barefoot while Rylee destroyed my freshly cleaned kitchen. But I wasn't and I held it together. We have got to remove that lock.


  1. Oh my. Another time. I am cracking up!!!

  2. Funny! It's amazing how fast kids can pull these little stunts!

  3. my piggies are cold for you but I do have to giggle at her locking you down stairs.

  4. Oh man! haha. I love stories like this. Makes me feel more human. :) Liza locks herself in rooms every once in a while. Thankfully she understands enough when I tell her to "turn the little thing again".

    If I was you I think I would get an extra key made and leave it in the laundry room just in case. :)