Thursday, December 17, 2009

Joyful Thursday!!

This week something that brought joy to my life was a couple of things.
I'll start off with I got my car back on Monday. After two weeks of having it fixed and being the shop I finally got my baby back. I haven't had my car very long but I really did miss it. Sweet focus, you're so great!

Also, I finished all my Christmas shopping last night, what a relieve. I also stress about presents and money and all that jazz and now that I'm finished I feel so much better!!

Rylee made me smile a lot this week. I know she is only 16 months old but I promise her vocabulary is getting so big!! The other night she kept turning on the microwave and I told her no but of course she did it again. My mom said "Rylee what did your mom tell you?" and she responded by saying, "she told me no". And just walked away. I was super excited!! There are other things but I'm sure you've all experienced them so I won't bore you. Growing babies are an adventure everyday!

Tonight is going to bring me joy. It is the last night in our volleyball tournament and I hope that we win the whole thing!! But even if we don't we are going to a birthday dinner for my cousin. I'm excited!!

So that is what brought joy to my crazy world this week, what brought you JOY??
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  1. Growing babies are such an adventure...such a fun one!

    Yay for getting your shopping done. I'm hoping I will finish up tonight.

  2. I noticed Gracie's vocabulary really start to pick up around 15-16 months, so I'm sure Rylee is almost saying something new everyday! I'm glad you've finished your shopping! I'm attempting to get mine all done today...I have so many stops to make, so we'll see how that goes with an 18 month old. :)

  3. Rylee is so cute. I can see her doing that. Can't wait to see you all tonight.

  4. Growing children can be the reason for many grateful moments but the shopping thing is such an accomplishment! Kuddos to YOU!

  5. Working on wrapping presents for an extended family celebration on Saturday...

    Rejoicing in the opportunity to help a friend help others in need...

    Reading posts like yours!

    "Just for the JOY of It!"