Friday, December 18, 2009

Birthday Dinner :)

Last night Molly and I finished off our volleyball season. It was an interesting one too. To start off we won the first game yipee! But I did get a little queesy during it because someone on the other team hurt their thumb. And when I say hurt their thumb I mean it came out of place and over top another bone, I don't know the medical terminology but that is what happened. I DO NOT do well with stuff like that. Had any blood squirted out I would have been laid out on the court. But someone popped his thumb back into place and he was fine,but he did leave. So we won that game but lost the second. We played hard and I really like playing with our team.
So we met the rest of the family at dinner and arrived just in time for cupcakes and singing. Rylee got down on some cupcake!! Her Lauryn both loved them!!

The birthday girl Stephanie with Lauryn, Rylee, and Cameron. I hope she had a great birthday!! Happy 10th birthday Steph!! Love ya!

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