Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Award!

Thank you Raising Z for my first award of the year!!

Rules: List 10 things that make you happy, then tag 10 other bloggers!

1.) Rylee, everything that she does!
2.) Aaron & Rylee playing together.
3.) Tuesday nights (all my favorite shows come on!)
4.) My awesome half-a-house
5.) That I'm going back to school
6.) Food :)
7.) Photography
8.) Lounging with Aaron & Rylee in our p.j's
9.) Shopping, even though I shouldn't be
10.) All my friends, blogging ones & ones I see daily!

Now I want to pass this awesome award on!

1.) Danielle at Humes Party Of Three
2.) Casy at The Schweickart Family
3.) Night Owl Mama
4.) Mrs. G.I. Joe
5.) Sharon at Good, True, and Beautiful
6.) Chirstina at 365 Days of Grace
7.) Mae Rae at In and Out of the Bubble
8.) Mandy at Seriously Cute
9.) Xmas Dolly
10.) Life with Kaishon

Have fun ladies!! Happy New Year!

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  1. TRicia at Night Owl Mama here I love your list thanks for the Tag