Friday, January 8, 2010

My Baby Loves The Snow!

Finally a SNOW DAY!! Yesterday I left work early because I work about 30 minutes from home and the snow was coming down too fast. So I got home that afternoon and we bundled Rylee up and headed out to the snow!! She loved it!! We had so much fun, we weren't out there long because it was snowing hard and freezing!!


Bella even liked the snow!

This would have been a cute Christmas card, if we got snow before Christmas!!


  1. I know right? I was hoping for some snow before Christmas. Pics are cute, even tho I have already seen them ;) LOL


  2. OMG....I love these photos :) The last one is precious. I am so glad she enjoyed her time outside. Z would live outside if we let him but as you said it is sooooo cold!

  3. yeah.... i was thinking...wjere does she live? but now i now I see snow and I know its no where near me! I like the vintage look of your photos. I want to back read a a bit but i have a two year old throwing cheez its at me for it. Maybe later.