Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catch Up Saturday :)

Rylee at dinner the other night decided that she was going to take her plate (full of food) and put it on her head! She is umm...creative!??! Gotta love her!

The Hawk-Mullet!! Bet you have never seen one of these before!! Rylee rocks the mullet and now the mohawk! She's hard core :)

For some reason Rylee loves to take all my hair products out of the basket in the bathroom and put them in front of her t.v. while she watches Barney. I'll find bottles of hair products all over the house. It's like a game to her!

Sometimes you just need a girls night, and that is what Sally & I had last weekend. Nothing exciting, I just went to her house and hung out for a little bit. Good ole Sally!

Best friends forever! Rylee crawls on the couch when Bella is up there and lays with her while they watch movies. Bella loves Rylee, and I love that!

All I have to say is, this is relaxation!


  1. I am reading along and come across the pictures and think, "i always love your pictures", then, I get to the mohawk and bust out laughing, she is so unfreakingbelievably cute. Then the picture with Bella makes me gitty inside.

  2. Shoot, I just tried leaving you a comment, but it got erased somehow. Anyway, I love your blog :) Those pictures are so cute and funny. Love the hawk mullet :)

  3. Very cute pictures! I love her hair. It's so funny what baby hair does, sometimes, isn't it? My little one always wakes up with all this frizzy hair at the back of her head.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend!