Monday, January 18, 2010



Rylee got her first haircut yesterday! Not much came off but it looks so much better! The mullet is gone (for now). Thanks to my friend Lydia, Rylee is stylin'!

This picture just makes me smile!

Saturday was our friend Mike's birthday. He was only 44 but the girls at work and I decided to decorate his office. He is going to be so surprised!

Casy so proud of her hard work!

I'm a little late putting these pictures up, but they're from when Rylee & I went sledding with mom & dad. Dad hit a little bump and flew off the sled & ended up being a snowball!! Very funny!


  1. I can't believe she just sat there and let you cut it! My boys would never do that. I would have to bribe a barber to try and do it. i love the big smile picture too.

  2. so cute! i still need to get my son's first hair cut and he's 2!