Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blizzard 2010

Sunday brought us some NOT needed snow. Although I do enjoy staying home all day with Rylee, I do not enjoy making up the hours. And we're supposed to get more snow this weekend!! COME ON!!! So this was my backyard and car yesterday morning about 10:00. Pretty covered.
And here is poor Bella out in the snow. She does not do well with her paws getting wet. Girly girl.
This morning I decided to come to work and take Rylee to the sitters house. I got here late but hey I'm here!! This was my car this morning...
That's a lot of snow! And here is my backyard again...
Rylee and I enjoyed staying cozied up inside. It was a nice break. Aaron went to Missouri this weekend and on his way home Sunday he slid off the road. It was pretty scary. He has been staying at a hotel in Indiana for a couple of days. It's dangerous out there!
Stay warm!


  1. Good pictures. That is scary about Aaron. It definitely is bad out there. I can't believe I am sitting here at work too. Crazy!

  2. Okay,

    How far are you from NC? Can Aaron commute to my classroom???? Precious!