Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blogging Withdrawls

Last time I made contact with my bloggy buddies I was talking about my house being haunted, don't worry, the ghost didn't get me! I'm still here, just doing a horrible job blogging!
I have taken A LOT more pictures and I'm excited to share them with you.
I haven't got any good stories to share with you on this post, my week hasn't been that entertaining. I will say that Rylee went to the doctor Friday for her 18 month checkup and she is in perfect health!! Doc said she will be at least 5'8" (that's how tall I am). Right now she is 33 1/2 in long and 25 HEAVY pounds. That's my girl! She was so excited in the room because her bed was a hippo but she thought it was a cow, she mooed the whole time we were in there!

I love my Bella girl!
And my Rylee Grace!
Friday night Momma got to be pampered by Rylee. Well she just cleaned my ears (not really) but she pretended to.
Check out these "cheeese" faces...
Check out Rylee's house shoes. She loves them. Our floors stay cold during the winter so these keep those piggies warm!
And then she found Barney!
I have been having blogging withdrawls. I can't wait to read up on your blogs! Have a great weekend!


  1. awe the smile is soooo cute. I also love the nightgown and slippers and cutip. She looks like a little old lady but totally cute.

  2. Look at those smiles. So cute! We miss you all this weekend.

  3. Cute slippers!! I love the q-tip sweet!