Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WW: I'm Just Going To Throw This Out There....

My house is HAUNTED!
Ok, I know I have said this before but after last night, I have NO doubt in my mind.
So let me do a little recap for the folks that have never heard this before. We live in an older duplex. We have two closet/rooms in the basement that are pretty creepy. One night around 11 pm we hear beating coming from the basement. We ignore it thinking it was our neighbor building something. The next day around 11 am Aaron is home alone and our neighbors are at work. He hears the noise again so he goes to the basement door and listens and the noise is coming from downstairs, from one of the closets. CREEEEEEPY!! He tried to ignore because he is a sissy like me.
Then there have been little things go on like Bella out of no where looking at the ceiling barking and her hair standing on ends. It takes a lot to calm her down. Or her standing in the hallway growling at something in the other room. Or Rylee and I playing in her room and she looks over my head at the wall and yells "HEEY" and laughs really hard while pointing at the wall. Those things are hard to brush off.
So on to the point of this story. Ever since we moved into this duplex Rylee has woken up almost every night crying. Sometimes she goes back to sleep but other times she is too scared to sleep in her room. Such as the case last night.
Around 3 am Rylee starts screaming crying. Not the slightly woken cry but the "GET IN HERE NOW!!" cry! So Aaron goes in there and brings her to back to me and I comfort her. Well we both end up falling asleep so at around 3:45 am I am woken up by one of Rylee's toys. It is this Elmo jack-in-the-box that her Aunt Susan and Uncle Darryl got her. It only talks when it's handle is turned. So I hear,
"Elmo's coming to see you soon!"
"Elmo can't wait to see you!"
"I'll be out in a minute!"
I jumped up, heart pounding. OK, really??!? Then I try to convince myself, it's Bella snooping around. So I yell "BELLA". She perks up head up, she laying right at my feet. So the fear sets in. Of course Aaron is not going to help, he just says...
"Go back to sleep, it'll go away."
This morning I look for that toy, thinking maybe the batteries are dying and it's starting to just talk whenever. Well it was under the kitchen table and let me tell you, that thing was NOT there last night. I picked up all the toys in the living room and that was not left out. HOW IN THE WORLD DID IT THERE??
That tops it, my house is haunted.
So on top of an 18 month rolling around all over me, butt in face, feet in belly, snoring in my ears, and slobber on my pillows, I have this toy talking!! I got NO sleep and I am very tired today. I hope tonight is more smooth.
Anyone a ghost hunter?? If so, HIT ME UP!!!!!


  1. oh my gosh! that elmo sounds so scary!!!!!!!

  2. i have chills on my legs. i am skeered! MOVE!

  3. Oh wow... super freaky.
    My friend lives in a house that she swears is haunted. Over the years, her son repeatedly tells us stories of his "friend" Aaron who lives in the basement. Lots of freaky stuff happens as well.

    Finally, about 2 years after moving in, we did some research, and found out that a little boy died in that house 35 years ago. His name was Aaron!!
    TRUE STORY!!!!

    I don't know what I would do. I'm all freaked out just reading this post. :)
    ((hugs)) to you.

    Elmo is just plain creepy to me in the first place. LMAO

  4. Oh my gosh! What a story. We have one toy {a play coffee maker, no less} that randomly goes off...but it's only late at night. It never, ever goes off during the day on it's own.

    I really loved reading this post! Hope things settle down for ya!

  5. Okay, I now have chills along my spine. I always make sure my daughters toys are turned off when we clean up before bedtime. I hate hearing her toys going off at night but toys being moved..that is super-freaky.

  6. oh my gosh, that is just so creepy!!!! I get so freaked out with stuff like that. You should just move, I would.
    although scary, it did like reading this :)

  7. oh my

    sorry i'm late, come visit me..

    The Buzz