Sunday, March 14, 2010

Giggles :)

It has been awhile since I put videos on here, so here are a couple of them! The first two are Rylee laughing. She fell last night while trying to go out the back door and when she fell she landed on Bella's food and water bowl and it went everywhere. So distract her, Aaron started imitating what she did. She loved it! Her laugh is so cute! The other videos are Rylee singing or playing music. We recently got a drum set and Rylee loves to sing in the mic while Aaron plays it, she likes to play too!

Now enjoy some pictures of Rylee playing with Abby last weekend. It was so nice and Rylee got a new ball so she had to go out and play!!
These are those steak and shrimp things we made the other night. Yum
Cutie Rylee!


  1. Rylee has the CUTEST laugh. Such a happy baby.

    & Rylee and Aaron much such cute musicians together. Love it!


  2. The videos of her laughing got me so tickled! LOL! I also see a future musician! That's awesome! :)