Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordful Wednesday Hey Ya!!!

Hello my lovely friends!! I hope everyone is have a great week so far! I know I am! Today is going to be 70 degrees and sunny (after the rain moves out). Bring it Spring!
Also, I took my Western Civilization test yesterday and I'm pretty srue I passed. I mean I think I missed like 2 questions. Which is awesome considering I got a 9/20 on the last test. Yeah that is F-. I decided to buckle down and study the night before and continue to go over my notes during the day before the test, shoo it paid off!
I aslo took my midterm for my Monday night class and I think I passed that as well but that's not the good part, the good part is that I do not have class on Monday night for the next two weeks!! What in the world will I do with my life??!!! I'm excited! Class is 5-7:30 but my teacher loves to talk so we usually get out around 8:00 or so.

Over the weekend Aaron's mom and sister came in town and stayed with us a couple of days. Abby and I went to my volleyball tournament a local church. It was fun and my team came in 3rd place out of 6 teams. Half way there! Go team!
This week Aaron's brother is in town and staying with us. Last night we broke out the grill and make steak and shrimp kabobs (I think I spelt that right.) I have pictures on my camera at home. Sorry. But let me tell you, there were as good as they look! MMM Dang those were good.
Rylee played outside yesterday too. We brought out her ball and push car and ran around the yard for awhile. Our driveway is gravel and she kept bringing rocks to me. The fun never stops! It was a good night all in all.

Oh yeah, I entered in a contest to win John Mayer tickets. Ok not just tickets, but front row seats, meet & greet, and a signed gutair from him. Like we need another gutair around my house! To enter you had to tell the radio station something CRAZY you would do. Well I'm not that crazy, (right), so this is what I said I would do...
I told them that I would dress like Jessica Simpson and Aaron would dress like John Mayer and we would go to a local bar or somewhere that kareoke is offered and sing our hearts out. This seems crazy to me because I can NOT sing at all!! Aaron is pretty good so he would sound great. I thought that would be funny to see Aaron and I dressed up all crazy singing to lame songs! Well I'll hear today if I won or not. I hope I won but I really don't want to follow through with it!

AND, in about 2 weeks we're going to see Disney Princess on Ice!! Prince Charming is waiting on me!
Have a great Wordful Wednesday!!


  1. I can not wait for Disney Princess! Somehow I doubt the girls will like it as much as I will.

    I hope you win the contest! I will absolute DIE laughing, seriously. But you know I will come and support you ;)

  2. Hope you passed your test! and wow dressing up and going to a kareokee sounds fun!! lol ... Ive always wanted to see Disney on Ice!!