Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 1 Of This Or That?!?!

The         Winey Mommy
So this is the first week for This or That over at The Winey Mommy's Blog.
To play along just copy and paste this scenario to your blog then choice this or that! Ok this week's scenario is...
You show up at a party of an acquaintance. It's an evening party and you don't know very many people there. For whatever reason you decide to show up alone--and pray that your friends will indeed make it.

Would you rather show up under dressed or over dressed?

For me, I would much rather show up over dressed. For some reason I think that if you show up somewhere under dressed people look down on you like you do not own anything nice. Even though I hardly ever dress up I would try to make myself look presentable for a group of people I did not know.

Which one would you rather do??!


  1. probably under because im used to that and would be more comfortable. I initially thought over but then i remembered a few times I came into work or into meetings all in heels and a dress and felt awkward while my coworkers were in all black shrubby looking uniform clothes. I felt ridiculous

    I can play it cool in some casual clothes. :)

  2. Love your answer--I wish I could pull off over dressed better. I swear when I dress up more I feel awkward :( I hate it!

    Thanks for linking up!