Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday!


First time participating in this one but it seems really cool! If you want to join go over to Riding The Roller Coaster and link up!

I chose...
The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Being A Mother!

1.) Hearing Rylee say "MOM" or "MOMMY".
2.) Hearing her laugh. If you haven't heard it, click here.
3.) No matter what, Rylee always makes me smile.
4.) Rylee and I have a special bond. I'm the only one she slaps in the face and pulls out hair. It's ok, I know you love momma.
5.) I have something to look forward to every day after work, seeing her precious face!
6.) She makes Tuesday and Thursday mornings so much better, we listen to Barney on the way to the sitter's house.
7.) I would not have anyone to spend my money on. She HAS to have new shoes every other week right? And that super cute shirt matches her pink pants so well, she must have it.
8.) She teaches me something daily.
9.) She wants only me when she's sick or hurt. She loves me! She really does! :)
10.) I can appreciate my mom and how much I put her through, I was a horrible child, so they say.

What are your top reasons?


  1. What a great list! I love being a mom too. Thanks for linking up!

  2. How sweet.

    Being a mother is wonderful.


  3. What a beautifu description of why it is so wonderful being a Mommy. I'm about to cry.